International inheriance and Real Estate

There are many foreigners who work in Japan and who are married to Japanese people and live in Japan. There are many troubles for them.

  • I want to buy real estate in Japan, but I don't understand the procedure and flow.
  • My Japanese spouse has died, but I don't know how to cancel the deposit, claim insurance, or register the real estate.
  • I want to make a will.
  • I don't know what kind of documents to collect for such a procedure.
  • I am a Japanese spouse who lost a foreign partner and I do not know what kind of documents I should get from the country of origin of the partner.
  • I don't know if Japanese inheritance law applies to non-Japanese partners

Our representative, Hiroaki Yamaoka will support you in both English and Japanese.


Support for Overseas Company business in Japan

We will help overseas companies establish corporations in Japan and register Japanese branches in English.

The establishment of a Japanese corporation is the most common case of establishing and registering a joint-stock company or a limited liability company (LLC) based on Japanese law. It is worthwhile, because official documents are issued to show the existence of the corporation. It is possible to open a bank account in the name of the company, and in principle, legal troubles based on Japanese law do not extend to corporations in the home country.

It is also possible to set up and register as a Japanese branch of a foreign corporation. You can make the best use of the brand and creditworthiness of the corporation in your home country. Compared to the case of establishing a joint-stock company, knowledge of Japanese company law is not required, and maintenance and management are easier. On the other hand, since tax calculation is performed based on the capital of the corporation in the home country, if the capital in the home country is large, it may be treated as a tax disadvantage. There is a risk that legal troubles based on Japanese law will extend to corporations in their home countries.

Support for Starting business in Africa

We support the establishment of corporations and the start of businesses in cooperation with local professionals and partners by using the connections of local professionals and partners to establish local corporations and start businesses in Africa. Our representative has work experience in a company doing business in Africa and support experience for those who are expanding into Africa, so we can introduce appropriate partners and we will cooperate and support you. We can also support the acquisition of documents that need to be prepared in Japan.

Corporate Legal / Commercial Registration

Organizational restructuring registration such as absorption-type merger or absorption-type split is required due to organizational restructuring or M & A within the company.

Venture companies are subject to complicated registration such as issuance and exercise of stock options and class shares.

We handle many such complicated registrations, and we will support you from the preparation of necessary documents to the registration procedure. As an gyosei-shoshi , We also create and review contracts, and I can support general corporate legal affairs.


Whenever a company conducts M & A, various contracts / minutes are created and registration procedures are required.

When we support M & A closing, some company is proceeding with the procedure as if it were a company that is not a stock certificate issuing company, even though the company is a stock certificate issuing company.

Under Article 128 of the Companies Act, in the case of a share certificate issuing company, even if the share certificate is not actually issued, the transfer of shares will not be effective unless a new share certificate is issued and delivered. It is necessary to issue a share certificate or register the abolition of the share certificate by the closing of the M & A.

Our representatives fully support you to check if there are any deficiencies or oversights in the procedures and required documents. In addition, through the M & A platform called Batonz, we can support the entire M & A by searching for buyers and sellers and introducing specialists who perform various due diligence.

VISA/Status of residence

We will process the procedure for obtaining VISA/status of residence for those who want to work in Japan, spouses of Japanese spouses, permanent residents, etc. who want to stay in Japan.

In particular, a lot of documents are required to obtain the status of residence of foreigners who are employed and worked by a company that has just been established or a company that is not so large. Even if you submit the required documents, you will often be required to submit additional documents at the discretion of the Immigration Bureau.

We will support you in making these procedures smooth, and will also submit the necessary documents and interact with the Immigration Bureau on behalf of you. And we will help your associates directly in English.


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