I went to Tanzania, Canada, USA, Cuba, Peru, Brazil, Argentina, China, Taiwan, Malaysia, Vietnam, Mongolia, South Korea, Singapore and Indonesia.

The history of other countries

When I go abroad, I often go to the history museum first. To know the culture and history of foreign countries. I think it's important to feel the atmosphere.

I think that the history that you know in the country is the true history, not the history written in the textbook.

I'm happy and happy that I was able to grow as a person a little.

Of course, I also love to enjoy local food and alcohol.

Thoughts on Africa

I stayed in Tanzania for about a month, but it was completely different from the impression I had of overseas and Africa. Seeing is believing. I felt the real thrill of traveling abroad, such as the importance of visiting by myself and my thoughts that change as I go abroad.

The image of Africa that the Japanese have may have a strong image of children's poverty, nature, and animals, because it is centered on information that is biased in a sense through the Japanese media.

Obviously, information about that country is in that country. I would like to continue to visit overseas as much as possible to see for myself.

Involved in overseas projects

It was very challenging and exciting to be able to take part in a project that moves hundreds of millions or billions of dollars to clients in the United States, United Kingdom, Hong Kong, Singapore, etc. by making use of my strong English.

Studying international inheritance is very profound, and I also need to study foreign law, so it's fun to be exposed to new knowledge.

I will work on overseas projects as a lawyer.


  • I got hooked on traveling abroad and learning about the history of foreign countries, and I learned that there is a world different from the image in Africa.
  • Being a lawyer, I was good at English, so by undertaking a public relations inheritance project, I deepened my desire to connect overseas and Japan.