Do you have any problems with legal affairs related to overseas and Japan?

Legal consulting related to overseas in our office

What should a foreigner do who inherits Japanese real estate from a Japanese partner?

What should I do to get my spouse's VISA?

I would like you to handle the registration of stock options and class stocks in English.

There is no Shiho-shoshi to undertake the absorption-type merger and absorption-type split registration.

I would like to consult in English establishing a company in Japan.

Consulting Legal affairs for starting business into Africa.

Why can Hiroaki Yamaoka solve legal affairs related to overseas and Japan?

The legal expert who acts with a strong desire to support foreign companies and foreigners who come to Japan and entrepreneurs who challenge overseas business. Hiroaki Yamaoka can support you, Shiho-shoshi/Gyosei-shoshi  who is familiar with real estate as English expert visiting 17 countries overseas.

Why Hiroaki Yamaoka is chosen


Reason #1

Always produce results that exceed customer expectations

It is my policy to always exceed the expectations of our customers by tax knowledge, English, foreign legal research, real estate knowledge, etc., sometimes in collaboration with other professionals.

Such customers continue to request work, and there are many introductions from customers.

Reason #2

Legal expert connecting overseas and Japan

I am a specialist with over 100 international legal affairs, including 20 and more international inheritances, and a 10-year career.

I have a strong desire to support foreigners who come to Japan from overseas, those who start business overseas from Japan as professionals by legal experts connecting overseas and Japan.

I feel even more fulfilled, When overseas customers is grateful to me.

Reason #3

A passion that supports those who challenge to change

I would like to do my strong support companies trying new challenges that go beyond existing concepts, values, markets, and services, such as starting up venture businesses.

We have been doing my best supporting venture companies that start business in Benin, Africa, and those who take on challenges such as establishing a branch office in Japan. We will continue to support you.

Case Study#1 Sale of real estate in Japan by foreigners

Sale of real estate in Japan inherited from an Australian man who died an internationally married Japanese female partner

A Japanese woman who married an Australian died, and there was a consultation about real estate shared with her brother.
Even if the Australian husband had Japanese real estate, he couldn't use it effectively, so he was at a loss.

Foreigners selling Japanese real estate

Case Study#2 Absorption-type merger / absorption-type split registration

Support for merger of two overseas subsidiaries

The procedure for registering a merger of a company is complicated. We provided public notice to stake holders in the official bulletin, created contracts in English, and registered the merger, and two overseas subsidiaries successfully merged.

Absorption-type merger / absorption-type split registration

Case Study#3 Support for Starting business in Africa

Support for company establishment procedures in Benin

I Visited Benin, Africa to support the establishment of a Japanese client company that opened in Benin, in September 2021

Support for starting business in Africa

International inheritance Q & A Handbook

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