Greeting of our representative

Specialist in registration of international inheritance and organizational restructuring

Born in Kyoto in 1986, lives in Tokyo

Specialist in international inheritance, organizational restructuring-related registration, VISA, and licensing procedures. Originally from a foreign law firm, the representative himself can respond directly in Japanese and English regardless of inheritance, company or real estate.

Active Legal expert

After working at a shiho-shoshi Law Offiice, a consulting company, and a venture company operating in Tanzania, in 2020, he became independent as a representative of Shiho-shoshi/Gyosei-shoshi Law Office. I has visited 17 countries around the world.

The representative of our office

Hiroaki Yamaoka

We are looking for Shiho-shoshi/Gyosei-shoshi, or a young partner to work with who will be qualified in the future. If you are interested, please contact us from "contact".


I want to meet many people. I also aimed to become a Shiho-shoshi/Gyosei-shoshi, hoping to become a person who is familiar and easy to consult about various things for many people and companies I met regardless of nationality.

From the desire to meet many people, I naturally went abroad, met (going) to various places, studied abroad, traveled, backpacks, etc. to Africa, North America, South America, the Caribbean Islands, Asia. rice field. As I met many people, I became more motivated to talk to them, and I also focused on learning English. The TOEIC score, which was in the 300s at the beginning of college, is now in the 900s.

In connection with such thoughts, I went to East Africa for the first time in my life after having a career in various places such as a Shiho-shoshi Office in the city of Kyoto, a major consulting follow-up group in Tokyo, and a major foreign law firm of the United States. I wanted to work in Tanzania, so I worked for a venture company that has a main business in Tanzania.

I want to meet many people, which was my original idea, while making use of my experience and qualifications as aShiho-shoshi/Gyosei-shoshi. And I want to be a person who is familiar to many people and companies I meet regardless of nationality and can easily consult about various things.

Achievements / Experience

We have handled hundreds of registered projects in total, and we have a track record of being involved in about 100 projects related to overseas. As a representative, I myself can create various explanations and documents in English. We always try to respond promptly and politely, and always smile and cheerfully because we want you to feel free to consult us at any time.

List of Foreign Language-Friendly Shiho-Shoshi

Hiroaki Yamaoka, Shiho-Shoshi / Gyosei-Shoshi office, is introduced in the list of professionals who can speak foreign languages in List of Foreign Language-Friendly Judicial Scriveners.


Vision:Regardless of nationality, race, or gender, we will create a society where people who want to challenge can challenge anything, people who want to feel secure can live with peace of mind, and everyone can live freely and have fun and smile.


  • A legal expert who always exceeds your expectations
  • Connecting Japan and overseas through legal affairs
  • We will do our best to support those who challenge

My hobby


favorite(”Japanese boundaries”, Eiji Oguma  ”The Alchemist” Paulo Coelho)

Watching Movies

favorie (”The Greatest Showman”)


Tokyo Royal Plaza 1015, 18-11 Uchi-kanda 1-chome, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 101-0047 JAPAN. It takes 5 minutes from Kanda-Kita Exit, and 5 minutes from Ogawa-machi.


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